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A Perfect Match

Unlike any other manufactured construction solution, DIRTT is 100% custom, regardless of project size. DIRTT does not store frames, veneer doors, or glass panels somewhere in a big warehouse. Everything is made to order, streamlined and cost-efficient thanks to technology.

As a result, Architects and Designers can truly bring their design intent and vision to life with DIRTT. They do not have to settle for the next best alternative. 


A&D professionals can also benefit from accelerated construction schedules, increased accuracy of laser-measured and manufactured materials.

DIRTT's proprietary software, ICE, offers outstanding visualization tools, available to our partners in the A&D community. Thanks to the video-game technology powering ICE, we can create high-quality renderings (see picture gallery below), video fly-throughs, and virtual reality environments at the click of a button to help with programming, visioning, design reviews, and other client engagements.


Contact us for design assist services.

Rendering Open Office Space
Rendering Commercial Conference Room
Rendering Office Fronts
Rendering Office Pods
Rendering Commercial Offices
Rendering Commercial Office Space
Rendering Custom Graphic
Rendering Higher Education Study Space
Rendering Office Fronts
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