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DIRTT Willow Glass

Similar to your smartphone's gorilla glass touch screen, DIRTT's willow glass consists of a very thin layer of glass (about two human hairs), applied to an MDF tile. As a result, a willow glass tile offers all the properties of a glass tile (e.g. writeable surface that never ghosts), without the shortcomings of back-painted glass (e.g. lower acoustical properties, weight, etc.). Also, willow glass can receive any graphic our clients would like, making this solution the prime option for branding, artwork, or other touches of color throughout their spaces.

DIRTT Timberframe Construction 

DIRTT's latest initiative highlights the construction material of the past with the brightest future: timber. For centuries, timber has been a prime material, and in times of increased sensibility for sustainable building, wood construction is experiencing a true revival. 

Timber can be, in many ways, superior to steel construction and allows us to create spaces that were previously hard to imagine. 

LEAF Folding Wall

Staying true to DIRTT's credo of "re-use is better than re-cycle," DIRTT's LEAF folding wall is not a simple wall that folds up - it's a fully functional DIRTT wall that has the ability to fold up, without the common restrictions standard accordion walls have.

Even more, thanks to DIRTT's engineering, we are able to transform any straight, evenly spaced DIRTT wall into a LEAF wall - including embedded technology, writable surfaces, and glass elements if necessary.

DIRTT Passive Optical Network (PON) 

Data requirements will only increase in the future, so an organization's infrastructure needs to keep up - and a PON infrastructure can help! One PON - or "fiber" - cable (yellow) can handle the data volume of 96 copper cables (blue) and while the performance of copper cable significantly decreases after 100 meters (328 feet), a PON cable can transmit data over 12 miles (yes: MILES) without any quality implications. 

As a result, our clients can significantly reduce their data infrastructure's footprint, committing more space to revenue creation (e.g. an additional patient room).

DIRTT Low Profile Raised Flooring

Future proofing does not stop at the walls. Preparing your floors to house future infrastructure is the easiest way to be prepared - no matter what the future may bring!

DIRTT's low profile raised floor can house all of DIRTT's power and data infrastructure, is easily reconfigurable, and can easily be accessed. No more core drilling and construction disruption when an additional work station or conference room needs power.

DIRTT Breathe Wall 

DIRTT's living wall option can be applied onto any solid DIRTT wall. The smartly engineered hanging pots with a wick system for irrigation make maintenance easy and protect plants from cross-contamination in case of deceases or bad gardening skills.

As a result, clients can create an eye-catching, soothing, and relaxing experience for any environment, bringing nature to their work space, school, or healthcare environment. 

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