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General Contractors

Working with DIRTT as a "Super-Sub"

General Contractors face a variety of challenges including the availability of qualified labor, intense competition, and increased expectations to deliver projects faster, cheaper, and better. 

AWC Construction Services and DIRTT Environmental Solutions help General Contractors address these challenges by shifting a significant portion of the job from site-built to the factory floor. The controlled manufacturing environment increases output quality, decreases the demand for onsite labor, and allows concurrent completion of otherwise sequenced tasks – directly leading to faster project completions.

Using manufactured construction as a “super sub-contractor” allows General Contractors to be more cost competitive. Thanks to a more streamlined and easier to manage construction sequence, other trades unlock efficiency gains that result in savings for the General Contractor and the client. Depending on the project, using AWC Construction Services and DIRTT may impact up to 16 different sub trades with positive cost implications.

DIRTT Installation - Glazing
DIRTT Installation - Media Wall
DIRTT Installation - Ready for Inspections
DIRTT Installation - Butt-Glazing
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