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End User Flexibility

Preparing Your Space for the Unknown Future

Building an office, a hospital, or a school involves complex decisions and investments into the future of an organization. Nonetheless, conventional construction does not account for one crucial truth: organizations cannot fully anticipate future demands. Outcomes often fall short of satisfying future needs and organizations have to rebuild their spaces every 3-6 years, adapting to the new requirements, incurring additional costs and construction disruptions.

Using the DIRTT approach equips an organization with the ability to make changes down the road, without falling into the trap of repetitive construction projects. DIRTT’s revolutionary approach to construction materials allows incremental changes to the walls based on their most updated purpose. Think of a smartphone that can be easily updated with new software updates or new apps. Similarly, DIRTT allows users to update wall finishes, incorporate the latest technology, or change the functionality by adding features (e.g. writeable surfaces, millwork, etc.) – all without the need of construction-related disruptions, waste, or noise.

With DIRTT, organizations finally have a way to create a space that is ready to adapt for the future – whatever that future holds.

Commercial Example

Brown & Caldwell, North Carolina

Commercial Example

Withum, New Jersey

Healthcare Example

EvergreenHealth Medical Center, Washington

Education Example

Perelman School of Medicine, Pennsylvania

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