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Power & Networks

Power & Networks - Cable Management in Floor
Power & Networks - DIRTT Zone Box
Power & Networks - Plug and Play Power Solution

With DIRTT Power, all your electrical requirements arrive on-site in the correct lengths with factory-built components ready to go. The journeyman does connections in one location while less expensive tradesmen click the connections together. No cutting. No bending pipe. No waste. If you need to move any of your outlets around later, your facilities team simply unplugs and plugs without disrupting the rest of the chain.

DIRTT Networks is a factory built, pre-tested and componentized approach to building sustainable network infrastructure. Similar to DIRTT Power, when you order DIRTT Networks all data requirements arrive on the job site cut to the correct lengths and with components ready to go. Connections simply click together, eliminating the need for inefficient or expensive on-site trades.

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