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The DIRTT Process - How Technology Revolutionizes the Construction Industry

When building with DIRTT, technology takes center stage. DIRTT's proprietory ICE software is at the core of DIRTT’s ability to streamline the construction process. Integrated with all common architectural and design related software programs (e.g. Revit, AutoCAD), ICE allows our designers to re-create any client’s unique space and translate any construction project into DIRTT’s language.


DIRTT design is 100% custom and no two DIRTT’s projects are the same. During the design process in ICE, our designers also include requirements for power, networks, acoustical ceilings, raised floors, or integrated technology. As a result, our ICE designs encompass fully developed interiors, including elements conventionally requiring a multitude of trades.


ICE allows our designers to quickly develop 3D graphics, a fly-through, or even a virtual reality (VR) environment for our clients. Those visual aids help us communicate our designs to a variety of stakeholders, even without any construction knowledge. For clients, sitting on the other side of the table, the visuals facilitate a more informed decision making process than conventional construction drawings. With ICE, our clients can virtually see and experience their space in real-time, before anything goes to production.

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